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Fun game :) I finished with 28 seconds to spare.

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45 seconds :D Okay, I'm gonna stop playing now

Help how do I tame the blue deer

You give it a carrot and your soul


and then you need to right click it with an empty hand. but you can't control it unless you equip it with a saddle.

This is so good! I was wondering if you could share the source code so others could learn from it. Also, your Youtube tutorials are awesome!

Thank you! The code is not a good source for education because it's quite a mess,  I made it in two weeks

Ok, that makes sense! I bet if I made something in two weeks I wouldn't even be able to understand it.


Great Game but god is it hard. I think my favorite things about this game is the controls and the art style. Keep up the good work!


get good :)


This was such an epic entry, very nicely done. I love all of that game juice and animations you did, they look so cool.
A little hard to get used to, since I use arrows personally,  but very good nonetheless


Very cool game! Feels arcadey and easy to play, was a bit hard for me at first but I got used to it :)


Very cool idea


Cool game, finished with 32 seconds :)

Nice 👌